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Berniece Haase (Nordirland) asked 4 veckor ago

When you read this millions of dollars are stake on global scale. People are betting on the outcomes of numerous professional sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, etc with the hope of winning, improving their financial condition. This is a normal human desire. Although the question is, are the betters improving their financial conditions? Available evidence suggest that a vast majority of the betting public are on the losing end and the book making industry continues to expand. What are the reasons because of this state of affairs? The primary reason due to this state of affairs is the forecasting methods of the betting public as well as a lack of well-defined betting strategy. Lets take a look-at this factors one after the other.

Forecasting methods like form analysis, head to head meets and the like lack underling scientific underpinnings and as a result can’t produce reliable predictions. Their so called short-term advantage are erased by their long-term disadvantages. It really is unsurprising to observe that this method is openly publicized by some bookmakers. Come to consider it. No bookmaker within his right senses would publicize a real forecasting method that works. I think this is simple logic. Nobody works against himself.

A second problem facing the standard better even as we have hinted above is a lack of well defined betting strategy. The common better thinks to make money from sports betting means to bet daily and to bet on every possible event. This is a strategy that’s not working and can’t work. Making money betting is a function of prediction accuracy, choice of sporting events and more importantly the understanding of prediction. The average better has no clearly defined forecasting technique therefore there arises the problem of betting strategy. For most cases the standard better is only hoping to win. This points outs his helplessness and a lack of accurate scientific knowledge. The purpose of this article is to set the greater in the right position, arm him with the proper information. The aim is to get him winning without losing touch of the betting realities.

From years of research on this topic a great soccer deal of bitter truths have become evident. One of these is the fact that a vast majority of sporting events are unfortunately unpredictable. The portion of predictable events is in the selection of between the rate of 20 -30%.

A second truth is that 80% of the predictable events have odds of between 1.3 and 1.7. This is meant as a general guide

The very first problem will be the prediction methods. A vast majority of the forecasting methods have no underlying scientific basis. A 50-50 sort of thing. That is the reason why what the better may win in the short-run is eventually lost in the long term. This is indeed a sorry state of affairs and also the better have come to believe which it can not improve. But that’s not true. Years of my research in soccer forecasting led to the discovery of the basic laws of league soccer which permits a reliable and accurate forecasts of soccer and other professional sports. The truth is that the outcome of soccer and other sport matches may be predicted scientifically. It’s possible to make money from betting but it cannot and should not replace your regular job. There is a reason behind this. The rationale is the fact that those matches that may be predicted with a high degree of accuracy don’t come up every now and then and also the odds for such events are typically not high. Using a scientifically founded method like the one expounded in my previously referred to books the greater will be able to recognize such events and earn money on such events he should be able to make money. The practice of daily betting is doomed to fail this could be scientifically proven. Within any league system on occasion there is a turn up of predictable events.